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Swaledale Blue Cheese Waxed 500g (approx)

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Product Description

Taste profile

Creamy in colour with distinctive blue veins running throughout. Soft moist open texture complimented by a smooth nutty flavour with a slight tang. This cheese came second in the world cheese awards 2011. Available coated in a blue wax.

Type of cheese

Hard pressed yet moist cows milk cheese which is a handmade, farmhouse type. Made using locally sourced milk and vegetarian rennet.


It is thought that cheese making was first brought to the Yorkshire dales in the 11th century by Cistercian monks who arrived from Normandy and settled in the local abbeys. They in turn passed on the cheese making techniques to the local farmers of Swaledale and thus, Swaledale cheese was born. The Reed family has been making Swaledale cheese in Richmond since 1987. The Swaledale recipe and methods are protected and accredited with Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) status. This is recognised world wide and safe guards the future production and quality of one of the dales most cherished treasures.

Best age & season

Available throughout the year due to the readiness of Swaledale cows milk. Best eaten at between 4 and 6 weeks old.

Serving suggestions

Cheese and wine are a match made in heaven and which wine you enjoy with which cheese relies a lot on personal preference. Our suggestion for this one is a beefy red. The cheese is also a fantastic cooking cheese and makes an indulgent blue cheese sauce.

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